Financial Planning & Analysis Software Based in Excel.

Integrating Your Operations & Finance Departments.

Transforming Traditional Accounting Data Into Decision-Making Power.

Plan Your Future. Monitor Your Success.

Transforming Traditional Accounting Data Into Decision-Making Power.

Dynac: The FP&A Missing Link For Visionary Thinkers & Leaders In Business

When our world is facing unpredictable times, you can be assured you don’t have to. Teams are working farther apart but have greater demands to work together. Dynac is the one solution you can depend on.

The ability to plan and be in touch with what is happening within your organization is crucial. Dynac ensures everyone sees where you’re heading so you can make smart decisions faster and be in control of your future.

Dynac is the missing link that brings together Operations and Finance, regardless of the ERP system your company is using.


“I continue to be amazed that Dynac can deliver where the big ERP applications cannot! Cash is king, and cash flow is the life-blood of all businesses. Dynac leveraged the Epicor system and delivered Cash Flow Forecast and Projected Income Statement functionality on time and on budget.”

~ Rob Mollenhauer, President of Keen Point International Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Automotive

“Dynac out-hyperions [performs] Hyperion at a fraction of the price in a fraction of the implementation time. They provide CFOs and business owners dynamic visibility into the financial health of their enterprise!”

~ Carl Merton, CFO, Aphria Inc. 2015-present
Leamington, Ontario, Canada – Pharmaceuticals

“I don't want a customer that's emerging from financial difficulties to spend money unnecessarily. Dynac is a good investment and will save money. The ability to analyze trends and have better inventory control means, if nothing else, they’ll save interest on operating loans and within two years, pay for itself.”

~ Joe O’Neill, Principal/Coach, The Achievement Centre
London, Ontario, Canada – Professional Training & Coaching