Meet Our Committed Canadian Team

When Finance & Engineering Converge – Our Story

Since 2002, Dynac has shown absolute commitment to deliver budgeting, forecasting, and reporting solutions that bring Operations and Finance together. Dynac provides innovative approaches to everyday tasks.

An innovative supplier backed by a brilliant team of engineers, finance, and technology experts. Dynac has developed an unprecedented reputation for responsiveness, flexibility, and sensitivity. The Dynac Team encourages open and collaborative communication with their customers to truly hear and understand their needs.

Dynac is the perfect choice for start-ups looking to build budgets or access funding, small to midsize businesses, and public corporations. Their solutions are limited only by their customer’s imagination and intuition.

Dynac headquarters is in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, which is often referred to as the fastest-growing tech hub in Canada, and home to the University of Waterloo.

Soon to be Celebrating 20 years of building a robust software.

Meet the Dynac Leadership Team

Gary MacFarlane, B.Eng.Mgt. - CEO aka Financial Engineer
Gary MacFarlane, B.Eng.Mgt.
CEO aka Financial Engineer
Dynac’s founder and chief architect, Gary MacFarlane, has a passion for making businesses efficient. After working within the manufacturing and technology industries, and several entrepreneurial ventures, he founded Dynac out of necessity because there was not a user-friendly, cost-effective, guaranteed integral application that could meet his growing financial planning and analysis needs. So he brought the principles of engineering to accounting and developed an inherent solution. When he’s not working, Gary lives life to the fullest while skiing, windsurfing, and enjoying time with his family.
Grafe Libao - Director of Research & Development
Grafe Libao
Director of Research & Development
With more than thirty years of experience in the IT industry, including the role of Chief Technology Officer for a large pharmacy benefits company, Grafe Libao knows that software can make or break a company. He loves to find solutions and fix problems, so a user’s job becomes easier and faster – the satisfaction he gets when his client’s goals are achieved is his highest reward. When not behind a desk, Grafe likes to scuba dive, fly drones, and go camping.
TJ Esposito, B.Comm. - Vice President of Sales & Marketing
TJ Esposito, B.Comm.
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
TJ Esposito loves connecting with people and building relationships, making her role as Vice President of Sales & Marketing an ideal fit. Growing up, she was known for being a chatterbox and was awarded a scholarship for her community involvement. She believes everyone deserves happiness, is passionate about music and the environment, and continually works to make an impact in some way each day. The best part of her role is when she sees how her customer’s life and business changes for the better because of their partnership with Dynac.
David Wilk - Project & Account Manager
David Wilk
Project & Account Manager
Dave loves connecting with people and building relationships. He has developed a keen sense as to what people and clients need and seeks out ways to fulfill them, making Account Manager and Project Manager a natural fit! He has been dubbed the life of the party in some social circles; and at the same time he knows when business needs to get done. He loves to travel and has been to over 32 countries around the world, thus far, and more to do! He loves to surf, which he picked up while spending a year in Australia earning his degree; while also being a beach bum part-time. He has big goals for himself, his family, and is passionate about assisting clients achieve their own goals. Seeing his clients achieve their goals is what makes him most excited about being a part of the Dynac team!
James Iglesias, BSc, MBA, CPA, CMA - Advisor
James Iglesias, BSc, MBA, CPA, CMA
Co-founder of Persatt Systems, which invests in small to midsize companies, James Iglesias, works with Dynac to help them achieve growth objectives. He has the proven experience and track record to help founders and leaders successfully grow their companies. Recently, he helped expand one company from $2M to $100M by focusing on the core values, which begin with team and family first. He believes in building something that lasts. He says that when his life ends, he wants to look back and say he built real companies and an amazing family by making a difference every day.